A while back, I was feeling very terrible about myself. In fact, I felt like a complete loser for some reasons. Having sat down to evaluate the cause, I found that I had unconsciously compared my journey with that of someone who was making ‘progress’. At this realisation, I remembered what someone told me years ago about everyone’s journey being different and our clocks ticking differently.


The fact that you started together doesn’t mean you’ll end together, the fact that you meet along the way doesn’t mean you started at the same point. As our faces are, so is your life’s journey and we ought to embrace it with all the unpleasantness that life throws our way. In the end, it’s your journey, you own it, no one can take that away from you.

The salient question we all must ask however is this,’What drives me?’ Are you purpose driven or competition driven? Answering that question would go a long way in shaping how you react to the progress or seeming progress of others and it will save you a lot emotionally because you are FOCUSED on your journey and path.


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