What does not destroy me makes me strong – Friedrich Nietzsche.

She was young and beautiful although her life experiences made her look way beyond her years, you could still see the beauty in her eyes

and her smile even when it was obvious her heart didn’t feel the expression on her face. Having been abandoned as a child, became a mother long before she could understand what motherhood entailed, struggled her way through a short yet chaotic marriage, she still somehow managed to hold down three jobs to ensure her kids got all they needed. The tender smile on the faces of her kids reassured her of a better tomorrow each time it seemed like that was it.

There were times she thought she wouldn’t make it through; All she wanted to do was throw in the towel. Other times, she wanted life itself to end but through the storm, the fire, the rain, through the heartbreak, abuse, pain, tears, rejection, hurt and even through the shame, she kept pressing. Instead of letting the negative experiences break her, she let them shape her for the better.

Like this lady, you may have gone through or may be going through hell at this point in your life. Take a deep breath; You’ve got this. Will you choose to be broken or to be built by it all? You choose how it ends.

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