Recolour Book Review

Recolour book review by Lawyer and Lifestyle blogger- Mrs. Chisom Felix-Ohuabunwa

I remember reading Barrister Somy’s review of #Recolour and my eyes welled up. She captured so many emotions beautifully in words and it was difficult to choose which line or paragraph to show the world first.⁣

Her initial response was:⁣

I felt all sorts of emotions. I felt like strangling the useless uncle then again I blamed ur folks for being too strict then I got angry with the police, then I felt like blasting ur friend that u always had to apologize to.⁣

The beginning part made me cry though. The humble beginning and moving from one house to the other.⁣

Losing your innocence at 10 is not only traumatic but really depressing. Your mother is one strong woman to have endured such heartache…⁣

Are you still doubting whether to pre-order or not? There you have it.⁣

You deserve to find your voice even in that mess. You deserve to take on life again, you deserve to live the best life you’ve been called to live. You deserve to heal. You owe yourself that much. Mind you, healing is a process and patience with yourself is more than necessary. ⁣

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