Recolour Book Review

Recolour book review by Child Body Safety Expert- Abolaji Gbadamosi

Aunty B as I fondly call her is a lover of children and is passionate about raising whole kids who are body safety conscious.⁣

I remember her reaction when she read through the random chapters of Recolour that I had sent her. Her reaction further proved how passionate she is about protecting children. She insisted she had to read the whole thing and I sent it to her. Just like everyone who reads this book and who’ll read it, she was amazed and commended my courage, strength, passion and bravery to put it all into writing and most importantly, she reaffirmed why I picked up my pen in the first place – to inspire hope and resilience.⁣

Oh! and Aunty B @childbodysafetyng had a lot of questions to ask, one of them being ‘How old are you?’ 😂 I’ve been telling you all that I’m an old soul trapped in a petite earth suit and y’all think I’m kidding. The most important difference is that God loves me too much and I’ve learned endurance by the things I suffer. Oh well, still learning😊.⁣

To the interesting bit.⁣

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