I just stumbled on something I penned down in 2017 and it pretty much sums up how I’ve felt for a while now. If I should count, truth is I’ve had to go through so much. I mean I get hurt a lot. I’m beginning to think that people derive pleasure in causing me pain, Seeing me crack, being in my life out of pity and so on.

It’s easier to just throw in the towel, than it is to pick up the pieces but then I’ve learnt that the easier way is not always the way to go. I have had to not just pick up the pieces a lot of times but also rebuild.

I’m an extremely emotional person but I’ve somehow managed to channel my pain in the right direction and not see life in a bad light. I’ve had the opportunity to be a so called ‘bad fellow’ or to tag everyone as being evil but that’s not me. I see it as a push factor to do what needs to be done, aim higher, work harder etc. This is where my testimony lies, in being able to hold on to my humanity and true nature for the sake of those who would need it. This is where my strength lies; that through my pain I’m able to strengthen others. This is where my purpose lies. This is where I find fulfillment.

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