We have opportunities every hour of every day day to love on people, but we most times take it for granted. Other times, a lot of us have disliked the very existence of some persons and then they kick the bucket and our tears flow so effortlessly, some may even go the length of writing poems, singing… Etc.

How about we do all these things and more while we can? How about we love people genuinely? How about we mean it when we ask ‘How are you?’ and actually be ready to listen? How about we celebrate people while they are still breathing? How about letting go of pride and resolving disputes? How about we love people for being them and get rid of our insurmountable expectations? Society changes its mind and society is made up of human beings, human beings evolve… I lost a friend some days back, we grew up together in church but we were not extremely close. We were together in Church sometime last month, talked and laughed but it’s sad and still a shock she’s no more. Makes me think I could have been a better friend and sister 😢

Every moment counts indeed and the saying to live each day as if it were our last is becoming more real. Life’s indeed too short.

#Life #Is #Too #Short #To #Live #with#Countless #regrets

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