A very close friend of mine lost two years planning her life based on what she thought another human being wanted for her.
She had fallen in love with an ‘unavailable man’ who kept telling her that he did not want a relationship with her but cared for her and wanted to help her achieve her dreams YET he kept leading her on and she decided to go blind to all the red flags and warning signals. She decided to HOPE that he would change his mind one day.

Short of the story was that he got married not just when it was least expected but to a lady he had made her think was stalking him. *Laughs.

Yesterday, I had two very important discussions and the underlying message of both discussions was that HUMAN BEINGS are DEEP. You never know what a person would do next or why a person would hurt and stab you in the back after promising to be your life. But hey! Life goes on and we will not let HURT and PAIN turn us into MONSTERS. We will love still.

One important lesson I have learned is never to give myself away or put my life in someone else’s hand. For many reasons that can be controlled and not controlled, human beings are prone to disappoint you. Be open to new friendships, don’t restrict yourself or put all your hopes and life in the hand of one person (male or female). Live your life and do what makes you happy. You know why? You may do so many things to keep that one person/people, and live your life based on their dictates yet they may still end up not choosing you.

Isn’t it better you lived for yourself and bore the consequences of living life on your own terms?

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