I’m a cry baby. I’d cry before I can tell you anything, defend myself or even explain myself to you. When I’m hurt, when I’m angry, when I’m watching a movie… Somehow I always get to shed a tear… It doesn’t make me any less a strong woman or a queen. Crying is nature’s way of letting us express how we feel, so is laughter.

A lot of us have had it rough when it comes to relationships. From the guy that would say you’re like a sister to him, to the guy that says he’s buried in his work right now and he does not need a distraction, to the guy that becomes a monster after pretending to be a gentleman for a bit or is it the guy that would tell you how good a woman you are, how bright your future is and then pray for you to meet a good man.


I’ve had my fair share.

All these and more gets you asking questions like ‘Why did he even show interest in the first place?’ Well, none of those questions really matter now. You just can’t stay down. You can’t give up on life or happiness. Naa! You have to get up and decide to WIN and the only way you do that is to excel at what God has given you. The only way you win is to get back to work- stay busy. The only way you win is to make all of them say if only they knew. The only way you win is to fulfill purpose. Pain is part of life’s journey but you choose how it shapes you. Choose wisely.

Until next time, keep challenging the narrative.

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