When we hear the words ‘beautiful atmosphere’, the first thing that comes to mind is often how beautiful a place is as well as its ambience. Have you ever thought that a beautiful atmosphere could be a person and not a place? A person who determines how beautiful the environment around him is. BEING a beautiful atmosphere concerns who you are, how you make others feel about themselves, the presence you carry into a place and how you’re able to shape the mood of a place instead of letting the environment do the shaping.
Having been born into a traditional African family, laughter was almost a far-fetched concept. We would always be on the alert to hear my dad’s car honk at the gate then we would all leave the sitting room immediately as though we had been programmed to do so. We only came out to greet him and serve him dinner after which we all disappeared to our rooms. Funny enough, it never took us forever to sleep no after how much we had napped earlier. Our bodies had been so configured.

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour”. –Charles Dickens.

By the time we had become teens and our parents had become a little more subtle, we discovered that our youngest sibling was witty. He was so full of humour that he saw humour in everything no matter how terrible. We laughed so hard at his jokes because they were true, very relatable and applied to our family. Interestingly, with time our faces were lightened up, our house had become a home. We had become light on our faces. It was contagious. No matter how much we tried to pretend and hold back laughter, he would make sure that we let loose even if it meant saying the joke over again till it made sense to us. Other times, he’d crack jokes and laugh at them. My youngest sibling had become a beautiful atmosphere in a tensed up house. Think on it, are you a beautiful atmosphere? What kind of atmosphere do you carry with you?

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