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In her teens, our founder Chidinma Chikwe endured a series of sustained physical, mental and sexual abuse for three years and when it got to the authorities, she was not only victim blamed by the system but she was also locked up despite being a minor.

Since 2016, when she first talked about the abuse in an article she wrote, she has then given her voice to advocacy against child sexual abuse and more recently, mental health. Her passion for advocacy, protecting children and empowering women and survivors of abuse infused with her message which is to inspire hope and resilience has led to the establishment of Divesther Africa which she initially started as a personal blog on Instagram.

Divesther Africa is a safe space- a developmental organisation which advocates SDG 5,4,3,1 and 16 with the aim of protecting children, empowering survivors and educating caregivers through; Advocacy of Mental Health, Child sexual abuse, resilience, initiating dialogues, coming up with innovative and sustainable solutions, organising outreaches and trainings.

Divesther Africa Vision & Mission

In line with our mission at Divesther Africa which includes empowering survivors, she has created a support group for you called YOU ARE RESILIENT NETWORK (YARN).

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