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Chidinma Chikwe is a Social Entrepreneur who focuses on advocacy, protecting children, providing support to abuse survivors and educating parents.

She is also a personal blogger who chronicles her journey along with societal issues in the bid to inspire hope & resilience, one person at a time.

As a child sexual abuse survivor, Chidinma is passionate about lending her voice to issues as it concerns the development, empowerment and protection of children, women and young people with Goals 5, 4 and 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals glaring through her work. She loves to serve humanity, network and finds volunteering to be a useful tool for social change.

From 2017 to 2018, she convened and managed a faith-based online platform for women which served as a haven for women from all walks of life during which she organised a visit to the Edo State Children Correctional Center.

Her message screams hope and resilience as she unashamedly and authentically shares her truth, journey and message with the world.


My focus.

Most passionate about protecting children, empowering survivors and educating parents/caregivers

Every child deserves not to have their childhood stolen from them. Every survivor needs support. Every woman deserves a fighting chance.


Blogging is a tool for social change and it makes reaching out in the most informal and relatable setting possible while still passing one's message across.


Putting pen to paper puts the message in front of a global audience who may or may not have access to the internet. Books can travel where our feet can not.


Change starts with YOU getting involved in the little things like volunteering, taking action, impacting & inspiring lives to create a better world.


What i do

I drive change by inspiring hope and resilience using lived experience and storytelling


People often want to connect with an individual who is authentic, real, relatable, listens and walks with you on your path to living resilient. Through storytelling, Chidinma lets you see all the angles then choose. 



Test your mic

Are you hosting an event? Do you run a school or organisation? Are you in need of giving your attendees a nudge in the right direction? Do you want to educate your students and/or staff on child protection/rights, youth, women, resilience, empowerment and volunteering? You know who to reach. Available to travel if all our values align.

A picture of Chidinma Chikwe Talking & gesticulating


Chidinma is passionate about volunteering for causes she cares about. Development requires togetherness and action, hence every one has a part to play.

Do you own an NGO, Social enterprise or hosting a community event? Looking to collaborate too? I’m the right support system to have.

Let’s work together.



What others are saying about me

I knew there was a story behind those eyes. I waited, knowing that one day, when healing comes, it will become an inspiration to other girls.

Thanks for giving others a voice.


Global Citizen & Founder, Kate Tales Foundation

The ability to speak up despite the fact that we live in a society that glorifies a woman’s silence as some sort of “strength/wife materialship,” makes me glad you are open and aware of your process because in a way, it subtly encourages those around you to do so too.


Latest Blog

Where my pen bleeds and my truth finds expression
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Recolour Book Review
Aunty B as I fondly call her is a lover of children and is passionate about raising whole kids who are body safety conscious.⁣⁣I remember her reaction when she read through the random chapters of Recolour that I had sent her. Her reaction further proved how passionate she is about protecting…
School Outreach with Envision Global Care Foundation
On the 14th of March 2019, Divesther Africa facilitated a session during a school outreach to teenage girls at Government Secondary School Mabushi Abuja organised by Envision Global Care Foundation in commemoration of the International Women’s Day which held on the 8th of March. Chidinma Chikwe, the founder of Divesther Africa…
All my life, I have always been a conservative person. In fact my friend tried to beg me to show some skin or not wear my loving panty hose whenever I wanted. She’d beg me to wear make up too and try to look good. I did not care though…
My life is a compendium of failing forward. In 2017, I was led to start a WhatsApp group strictly for single women to read a book (31 days of Prayer for your Future Husband by @thetiffanylangford). The idea was to shut down the group after that purpose had been achieved…
We have opportunities every hour of every day day to love on people, but we most times take it for granted. Other times, a lot of us have disliked the very existence of some persons and then they kick the bucket and our tears flow so effortlessly, some may even…



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FCT Abuja, Nigeria

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